The site is based on the lives of original characters who are sports entertainers / athletes. Beautiful Strangers has a more character-based approach.It dives deep into the stories on a wrestler's life both on and off-screen.

Set in the backdrop of a wrestling promotion, Worldwide Wrestling Force or the WWF, we will provide avenues for characters to be portrayed in different perspectives and platforms. From the on-screen persona often called as "gimmicks", the hardships of the independent scene, to sky-rocketing their careers, and dealing with backstage politics. We even offer the opportunity to portray the minds behind the scenes. The struggles to become a wrestler and to run a wrestling promotion in the modern world is a genre never fully explored- and it could mean a dosage of creativity. From portraying top wrestlers, aspiring athletes, business executives, celebrities etc- the opportunities in an industry with so many blurred lines cannot be clearer than ever.



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 Pity Party for 1, Closed- Reaction to 'The Nick Prick #2'
 Posted: Mar 26 2015, 11:58 PM
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Don't do love, don't do friends I'm only after success Don't need a relationship I'll never soften my grip Don't want cash, don't want card Want it fast, want it hard Don't need money, don't need fame I just want to make a change.
Cessily had no idea how this could have happened. After her promotion to the main roster, she had put her heart on the line. The had confessed her feelings to Trevor that perhaps she wanted more than a sexual relationship with him, that what they had meant more to her than the simple sex which he had turned their relationship into. She knew that she shouldn’t have developed feelings for him, she had been warned by literally dozens of people. She had assumed she could be the exception to the rule, that things were different for her.

Well she wasn’t.

After five minutes of serious consideration Trevor offered her a situation, continue with their sexual relationship or maybe the snaps she had sent him of her naked body would be leaked online. She didn’t take what he said seriously, why would she? She assumed it was another one of his jokes and she tearfully ended things with the wrestler known as Ragnarok. Within three days her nudes had been passed around every male on the roster willing to look at them, after a week they had gone online. Cessily King was making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

She had turned her phone off and put on her most comfortable sweat pants before retreating to her living room and setting up camp on her sofa. Over the next two days she ignored every email she received. Some sports publications looking for a statement, others porn sites looking to capitalize on her new found fame.

She ignored all of it, even the frequent calls from WWF management looking to get a grasp on the situation. If it wasn’t for a personal visit from Talent relations Charlotte Valentine herself, Cessily may never have peeled herself from the sofa of her apartment. By the time she spoke to her bosses she was thankful to know that action would be taken against Trevor with one last appearance on Ignite before his contract would be terminated for serious sexual misconduct. Cessily was relieved and a little sad, she didn’t want to see a man she cared about punished so severely but Charlotte had assured her that this was the only path the company could take. Especially in light of the misconducts of the previous administration.

After Charlotte left her home, Cessily returned to her sofa. No longer feeling the immense sense of dread but feeling almost optimistic. She was assured that the photos would be ignored through the storyline and no mention of them would be made on air. She knew the photos were out. She knew she just had to deal with it. It was a new day in the WWF and in three days she would be making her in ring debut. She couldn’t wallow in self-pity any longer.

She searched through her phone, googling her name for the first time since the leak, the most popular story on Google regarding her was the most recent article from Nick McMahon. She dreaded reading it, yet she couldn't help herself. . . but one she got to the end she didn't feel worthless, she simply felt confused. "Maybe he isn't so heartless after all?" she considered before hitting the shower. She hadn't exorcized in days, she needed to make sure she was looking on fleek for her match on Monday.

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