The site is based on the lives of original characters who are sports entertainers / athletes. Beautiful Strangers has a more character-based approach.It dives deep into the stories on a wrestler's life both on and off-screen.

Set in the backdrop of a wrestling promotion, Worldwide Wrestling Force or the WWF, we will provide avenues for characters to be portrayed in different perspectives and platforms. From the on-screen persona often called as "gimmicks", the hardships of the independent scene, to sky-rocketing their careers, and dealing with backstage politics. We even offer the opportunity to portray the minds behind the scenes. The struggles to become a wrestler and to run a wrestling promotion in the modern world is a genre never fully explored- and it could mean a dosage of creativity. From portraying top wrestlers, aspiring athletes, business executives, celebrities etc- the opportunities in an industry with so many blurred lines cannot be clearer than ever.



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 SONG CLAIM, Wrestling song claim
 Posted: Jan 27 2015, 09:34 PM
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Pretty simple using the codes below sign up your superstar's or diva's entrance song in order to keep it from being used by another. Saves having repeats of the same songs around the board. While this claim is NOT MANDATORY don't expect to use a song on this list for your superstar/diva if you have not claimed it.

Amara--Huddle Formation-The Go! Team
Andromeda Spiral--Trouble-Pink
Arianna--Independent Women, Part 2-Destiny's Child
Ava St. James--Turnin' Me On-Natalie
Bianca Banks--Closer-Kaweih
Camjlle Clark--More Than A Woman-Aaliyah
Cassie Powers--Sugar-Flo Rida
Cessily King--oh no!-marina and the diamonds
Chanel Carter--Bitch Better Have My Money-Rihanna
Charlotte Valentine--Scandelous -Mis-Teeq
Claire Richardson--Hot-Avril Lavigne
Chelsea Pryce--Radioactive-Within Temptation
Jane Angel--the diary of jane-breaking benjamin
Lia Osaka--Filth In Beauty-Gazette
Morrigan Drake--Dirty Pretty-In This Moment
Nicole HuntFreak Like MeHalestorme
Regina Masters--A Girl Like You-Edywn Collins
Roxy--Goddess-Iggy Azalea
Rochelle Taylor--partition (dave aude remix)-beyonce
Selina Safire--Every LIttle Thing She Does is Magic-Ra
Shelly Ferguson--Not Enough For Me-Composer: Jim Johnston
Tempest—Pretty Girl -Stockholm Syndrome
Angelus--Memory Remains-Metallica
Aric Hardy--Battle Cry-Imagine Dragons
Army of X--Bones-Young Guns
Bradley Logan--"Amazing"-Kanye West
Bolu--Champion-Marlo and The Frontline
Cory Chevelle--The Devil gets your soul-Nick Nolan/i]
Chance Fortune Money [i]Pink Floyd

Daniel Tyler--One Step Closer-Linkin Park
Desmond Frost--The Second Coming-CFO$
Francisco Ramirez--De Mis Pasos (INSTRUMENTAL) -Julieta Venegas
Gavin Flynn--my own-devil you know
Hans Litzau-- Devil Without A Cause - Kid Rock
Harley Chevelle--What kind of love are you on-Aerosmith
Ivan Rossi--Here Comes the Money-Nature by Nature
Jackson Ford--Bring It-Trapt
Jarvis Tate--Scarecrow-Ministry
Jacob Knight--Blood & Tears-Eric Baumont & Jean-Michel Bacou
Joey Bryant --TKO -Le Tigre
John Castle--John The Revelator-Curtis Stigers and The Forest Rangers
KO Coalition--Dangerous-David Guetta featuring Sam Martin
Lewis Young--Alpha King-Rev Theory
Logan Murdoch--Prometheus-Audio Machine
Lucas Scott--Come On Over-Royal Blood
Mason Andrews--I Stand alone-Godsmack
Matthew Wilson-- The Final Countdown - Europe
Olivier Brunet - "Gold on the Ceiling"The Black Keys
Omega Hardy--"Live For The Moment"-Monster Magnet
Perfection Inc.--Dibby Dibby Sound-Jay Fay
Randy Allingham--breaking point-bullet for my valentine
Roland Iversen--Vampire Hunters-Wojciech Kilar
Ryland Roundtree--How Soon Is Now-The Smiths
Samuel Beal--Black--SuG
Slade Brothers, The--"Song for the Broken"-Close Your Eyes
Terry McGuire--"Maniac"-Kid Cudi (ft. Cage)
Timothy Hunt--Papa Mama-Miyavi
Trent Rose--Diamond Eyes-Shinedown
Volg Fenrir--Hungry Like the Wolf-Duran Duran
Wat Tyler--Seek and Destroy-MetallicaVin Di Angelo--Fade To Black-Metallica
Yager Bombers--"Porn Star Dancing"-My Darkest Days

to claim:
[URL=http://profilelink1]boyname1[/URL]--song title-[i]artist/group[/i]<br>

to reserve:
[b]song name[/b]--[i]artist/group[/i] is reserved by [b]YOURNAME[/b] until [i]date[/i]<br>
Claims last 3 days only max.


song name--artist/group is reserved by YOURNAME until date

♔ nickdiazfan
 Posted: Apr 8 2015, 06:15 AM
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