The site is based on the lives of original characters who are sports entertainers / athletes. Beautiful Strangers has a more character-based approach.It dives deep into the stories on a wrestler's life both on and off-screen.

Set in the backdrop of a wrestling promotion, Worldwide Wrestling Force or the WWF, we will provide avenues for characters to be portrayed in different perspectives and platforms. From the on-screen persona often called as "gimmicks", the hardships of the independent scene, to sky-rocketing their careers, and dealing with backstage politics. We even offer the opportunity to portray the minds behind the scenes. The struggles to become a wrestler and to run a wrestling promotion in the modern world is a genre never fully explored- and it could mean a dosage of creativity. From portraying top wrestlers, aspiring athletes, business executives, celebrities etc- the opportunities in an industry with so many blurred lines cannot be clearer than ever.



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Mar 3 2015, 10:00 PM
Alright ladies and gentleman this is your chance to post a candid interview coming from the backstage area right after Monday Night Ignite is all over. Use this opportunity to get your character and any story lines they might be in over with the crowd, and make sure while you're doing so that you keep it all IN CHARACTER. This is something new I'm trying, and I'm not sure how much success we'll have, as it will truly depend on you guys more so then anything. The results that your characters will be reacting to will be in the link provided below. Also, as always, have fun!


PLEASE USE THIS CODE BELOW FOR YOUR REPLY! (instructions are also included in the code.)
[align=center][dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Wire+One' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><div style="width: 600px;"><img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Throwback_Razor/IgniteResult1.png" width= "600px">
<div style="background-color: #650000; font-family: wire one; color: #fff; padding: 15px; font-size: 36px; border-bottom: solid 10px #000; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase;"><b>WWF MONDAY NIGHT IGNITE 03/02/15 REACTIONS!</b></div>
<div style="background-color: #fff; font-family: calibri; font-size: 12px; text-align: justify; padding: 10px; line-height: 11px;">

Insert short one or two question interview about that topic, using the camera man as the interviewer. Make it seem somewhat candid in the backstage area, and make sure to be in character as it will be seen online by the WWF fans. It's a good way to get storylines over, or simply make sure that your character is heard by the people. When it comes to coding, please only use(you can delete this when you post)


<center><i>All actions follow this code.</i></center>

"Questions in quotes "

<span style='color:insert color of choice here'><b>Wrestler's Name:</b> Wrestler's response here.</span>

[URL=http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=11099]<div style="background-color: #000; border-right: solid 100px #650000; height: 10px;"></div>[/URL]</div>[/dohtml][/align]
Mar 3 2015, 09:58 PM
[dohtml]<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Wire+One' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><div style="width: 600px;"><img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Throwback_Razor/IgniteResult1.png" width= "600px">
<div style="background-color: #650000; font-family: wire one; color: #fff; padding: 15px; font-size: 36px; border-bottom: solid 10px #000; text-align: center; text-transform: uppercase;"><b>WWF MONDAY NIGHT IGNITE 03/02/15 RESULTS!</b></div>
<div style="background-color: #fff; font-family: calibri; font-size: 12px; text-align: justify; padding: 10px; line-height: 11px;">

<center><i>As that fades away, the intro for Ignite hits, showing off some of the biggest stars who are currently on the roster, even highlighting the champions a good bit as well. The video mixes some recent highlights, along with some from the past that people have loved for years, basically showing how the show can create long lasting memories for years to come. Eventually the intro ends with the sight of the Lewis Young and Cassie Powers holding up their titles on either side of the screen, before fading into the show..</i>
<i>This match was Star’s first appearance inside a WWF ring for several years and what a difference that time had made. This time fans did not see the familiar bubbly girl skipping down the ramp. This time they were introduced to the ‘First Lady of Fortune’ who made her way to the ring with her nose high in the air. With Seven Sins playing, Star walked towards the ring with a confident strut while making it clear everyone in the arena was below her. On each side of Star were the Yager Bombers, fellow members of Fortune, acting as her entourage for her match and perhaps adding a little added protection. With her metallic purple latex outfit shining under the lights, Star casually leaned against the corner turnbuckle as Arianny Mendez was announced and made her entrance down the ramp. Star paid very little attention as her opponent entered the ring and immediately ran up to her only to have the Yager Bombers stand between her and Star much to the chagrin of the fans who booed their sudden move. Star waved them off as Arianny was backed up by the referee who then quickly called for the bell. Almost expecting her move, Star quickly stepped aside and tripped Arianny who clumsily dove straight into the turnbuckle post. With Arianny down, Star put her foot on her throat and then pulled back on the ropes choking her before the referee called her off. Star backed up protesting while keeping the referees attention which was when the Yager Bombers began pulling on Arianny’s hair to choke her on the bottom rope but quickly broke their hold when the referee turned his attention back towards them. With Arianny dazed, Star rushed towards her giving her a bronco buster which further immobilized her opponent. With her arms up in the air, Star shouted to the fans how great she is while walking along the ropes. She slowly returned to Arianny who had climbed up the ropes and slammed her head into the top turnbuckle several times until she fell backwards onto the mat in a loud thump. Star stood over her running her hands through her hair and dancing sensually while some fans booed and others went wild over her antics. Arianny began to sit up only to get a boot to the head followed by Star lifting her up and giving her a nasty backbreaker. Star went for the pin but was furious when Arianny jumped at two. She pinned her again with the same result that only made her throw a minor tantrum in the ring. That was when Arianny managed to trip Star and get back to her feet. She clotheslined Star twice but was stopped when one of the Yager bombers grabbed her foot which sent her head crashing down to the mat. The referee never saw the move which gave Star what she needed to regain momentum. She grabbed Arianny and threw her against the ropes and set her up for her Falling Star finisher which sent her head first onto the mat. Star rolled her over and covered getting the three count in a very lopsided win. Star climbed the corner turnbuckle and held her arms out to the chorus of boos coming from the fans. The Yager Bombers stepped up onto the apron and held the ropes open as they escorted the ‘First Lady of Fortune’ back up the ramp.</i>
<i>It was time for two of the newer faces to meet up here in the WWF with Oliver Brunet taking on Stephen Sands. Both men made their respective entrances and the seemed to be behind Olivier, even though neither man got a large reaction since they were new. The two men locked up in the center of the ring, and right away Stephen went for a knee to the gut, which gave him control over his opponent. He laid into him with some hard kicks, before backing away, and delivering a hard running boot to the head of his opponent. He went for a pin, but Olivier ended up kicking out at two. Stephen went back on the offense, this time using some holds, to weaken his opponent, but as soon as Olivier got an opening, he started fighting back, eventually putting his opponent back on his heels. A few kicks himself, followed by a hard clothesline took his opponent down, and allowed him to hit a nice elbow drop from standing position before going for a cover. The cover only got him a two count, which didn't seem to bother him as he went right back on the offense. He hit his opponent with a few stomps, and then helped him up to his feet, executing a very nice fisherman suplex, which he bridged into a pin, but once again he only got a two count out of it. From there he worked on cranking his opponents neck, but Stephen was able to reverse it and put Olivier into an Indian death lock submission that had Olivier writhing in pain. He reached for all of the ropes, and he continuously tried to get to them, but it wasn't looking good. Eventually though he was finally able to just get his finger tips to the ropes, making the ref break up the hold, though Stephen kept it in for a good four extra seconds. The ref backed him away for a moment, and when he came back after Olivier, Olivier grabbed his opponent by his bottoms and pulled him towards the middle rope. Stephen's neck bounced off of the middle rope and he retreated across the ring a bit, holding his neck in pain. Olivier got back up to his feet slowly, and when Stephen turned around, Olivier hit him with his "Mauvals Temps," which looked to know his opponent out cold. The cover got him a three count and made him the winner of the match!</i>
<i>This match was going to show some people where teams stack up here in the WWF as Perfection Inc. took on the former Tag Team Champions Mark Rinaldo and Vick Roberson. Both teams made their respective entrances with the crowd giving Perfection Inc. quite an ear full of boos. R & R were looking to get back to their winning ways after losing their official rematch to the champions at the PPV, but early on as the match started it wasn't looking so good for them. Out the gate they looked pretty good, as they controlled Josh Blair, but eventually when Jack entered the match, things turned right around. Perfection Inc used quite a few good tag team maneuvers, keeping Vick in their corner and away from his own, making him take quite a lot of punishment. Anytime he'd get close to tagging, Josh or Jack would do whatever it took to stop him from doing so, even taking the ref attention one time so that he didn't see the tag. No matter how hard Vick struggled to get to his corner, he couldn't, and eventually Jack took out his partner Mark Rinaldo, knocking him down to the floor on the outside. Inside of the ring the powerful tag team hit Vick with their "Twinpact," and with that, the ref counted to three, making Perfection Inc. the winners of the match! After the match Perfection Inc. left the ring, and in ran the Yager Bombers. They put the boots on Vick inside of the ring, and when Mark rolled in to try to help out his fallen partner he was taken out as well with their tag team finisher "The Final Cut." They stood over the fallen former champions, and Max went over to grab a mic from the corner. After waiting for a few seconds, he spoke up into it.</i>
MAX YAGER: Do you guys really think these two can beat anyone anymore? Of course not! The tag team division has moved past these two jerk offs, and you'll see soon enough that the Yager Bombers happen to be the best team in this company! Out with the old, in with the new!
<i>With that said he drops the mic onto the canvas and the two brothers make their way up the ramp and towards the back, no doubt making a bit of a statement.</i>
<i>This was a match of polar opposites as the innocent beauty of Rosie Monroe squared off against the very cocky and cutthroat Rochelle Taylor. One would have thought the aggressive Rochelle would have controlled much of the match but Rosie was a surprise being able to take on her opponent rather evenly. Back and forth the momentum shifted with the crowd clearly backing their golden girl Rosie. Rochelle, however, was not going to hold out doing what a heel does best and managed to poke Rosie’s eyes when the referee was not looking. Rosie backed away holding her eyes as Rochelle took control of the match. Rosie still tried to fight Rochelle off and managed to throw her off the ropes but Rochelle countered by running her shoulder into her as she bounced back towards Rosie who fell hard to the mat. Rochelle then ran against the opposite ropes and gave Rosie a One Night Stand followed by some showboating for the fans. Rochelle looked down at Rosie with sheer determination in her eyes and quickly gave her a 187 combination finisher. Rosie was in Rochelle’s grip but could not escape and ultimately tapped out giving the win to Rochelle who kicked the model like dive away as the crown booed her. Rochelle only smirked and gazed down at Rosie like a piece of garbage she had just thrown away.</i>
<i>You could cut the tension with a knife. Angelus clearly hadn’t forgotten the cheap win Hunt had over him and the slimy smirk on Hunt’s face when he arrived in the ring didn’t help matters. Angelus started aggressively, sending Hunt off the ropes but he gets knocked down with a shoulder block, then Hunt applies a waistlock but Angelus reverses it. Hunt counters with an armbar, but it’s not enough to quieten who fights to his feet and demonstrates his strength by lifting Hunt off the canvas and slamming him down to break the hold. Seeing Hunt sit up from the crash landing, Angelus kicks Hunt in the chest so hard some in the front even howl with the Hawaii native. Hunt gets back up to his feet, but Angelus puts him in a hammerlock. As they continue to counter each other, the crowd quickly warm up to Angelus, who’s relentless strikes pack a serious punch. Not to mention Hunt’s dirty tricks have earned their ire. After another poke to the eye, Hunt whips Angelus off the ropes but the bigger man hits a shoulder tackle. Once Hunt gets back to his feet, he gets clocked with a stiff roundhouse kick! Angelus goes for the cover, but only gets a two. After being on the backfoot for a time, Hunt whips Angelus into a corner and chokes Angelus with his boot all the way to the four count, and even pushing the envelope then - getting admonishments from the ref for his actions. Hunt whips Angelus across the ring and Angelus stumbles out of the turnbuckles and into a belly to belly suplex! Hunt makes the cover but only get a two count. The fight soon finds its way at ringside. Angelus blocks an attempt of Hunt to smash his head into a ring post and hits him with a DDT to the floor! Grabbing Hunt by the head, Angelus leads him to the announce table where he slams him into it face first, much to the fans’ approval. He follows up with a stream of right hands and it all serves only to make Hunt red with rage. The moment Hunt blocks a punch, he retaliates by spitting in Angelus’ face! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Angelus was unhinged. Both men traded blows, utterly ignoring the referee’s count as they fought up the ramp, caring only for their pride by this point. The count of nine had fallen on deaf ears and neither man returned to the ring in time to beat the count, caring only to destroy the foe before them. The official called for the bell, but their brawl only seemed to grow more stiffer and brutal by that point. Security came rushing down to separate the two men as the fight had clearly gotten personal which the crowd was eating up. With the double count out, this surely wouldn't be Hunt and Angelus’ last meeting.</i>
<i>As soon as Vanessa’s music played, the crowd reacted cheering on one of their favorite divas. She exchanged some smiles and high fives on her way to the ring until the lights began to flicker and went out. An eerie video began to play of an abandoned carnival where the rides looked almost scary in their decrepit form. The lights suddenly came back on and there was Trixie lying across the corner ropes right behind Vanessa. She reached out and tugged on her hair making Vanessa jump while Trixie stared at her laughing hysterically. The referee called for the bell just before Trixie jumped down and marched up to Vanessa who quickly jogged away from her. Trixie then barked at her which made the golden haired diva quickly slide out of the ring. Trixie performed somersaults around the ring as she waited for her opponent to rejoin her. Vanessa cautiously got back into the ring where she was immediately put into a headlock by Trixie who started to shout to the crowd now chanting Vanessa’s name. Trixie spun Vanessa around and put her into a sleeper hold. As the referee checked Vanessa’s arm for signs of life, Trixie’s loud demonic giggle could be heard before she planted a kiss on Vanessa’s cheek leaving behind a smear of her makeup. Before the referee could call her out, Trixie released Vanessa and threw her down to the mat. She then skipped around her while waving her hands before she stopped and stood over her. A darks mile fell over Trixie’s face as she glared at the crowd shouting at her. A grin formed as she kicked Vanessa over onto her belly then slowly approached her feet. Vanessa was beginning to show signs of life as her arms began to move and her eyes opened just seconds before Trixie put her into her Trixter finisher. Vanessa’s screams were barely louder than Trixie’s laughter but she could no longer hold on and quickly tapped out giving the win to the sinister diva with deceptive pigtails upon her head. Once her hand was held up, Trixie took out a lollipop that she popped on her mouth while skipping around Vanessa who was still in pain on the mat. She then took the lollipop out of her mouth and dipped the sticky candy right into Vanessa’s model-like blonde hair before finally leaving the ring and skipping her way up the ramp. </i>
<i>With both men searching for the spark they had at the start of the year, they weren’t pulling any punches in this contest. This one starts fast and furious. Noah hits a dropkick as the bell rings, then he sends Bradley outside and hits a flying crossbody and springs right back up, smirking at his handiwork. At the ref’s behest, he rolls Bradley back into the ring and goes for a quick cover, but Bradley kicks out at one. Bringing Bradley back to his feet, Noah fires off some right before Bradley hits some of his own. Bradley blocks another punch from Noah and takes him down with a snapmare. He then applies a grounded headlock as the crowd start to boo the pretty boy Noah finds the ropes for the rope break and once both men are back to their feet, he tries to whip Bradley into the corner, but Bradley reverses it and hits a corner clothesline. He whips Noah into the ropes hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then Bradley applies another headlock but Noah elbows his way out. Upright, both men collide in the middle of the ring, both going for a shoulder block that has them staggering back. Noah charges ahead though and nails Bradley with some clotheslines and a fireman's carry backbreaker. Stepping out onto the apron, Noah allows Bradley to get back to his feet before going for a springboard missle dropkick but Bradley ducks it! Cooper’s left reeling, and Bradley rips him off the canvas and hits some rolling German suplexes. After the third, Bradley calls for his trademark superkick. He measures Noah up as he hobbles back to a vertical base and then lurches forward, snapping up his boot, but Noah ducks the effort and surprises him with a Pele kick for the two count. Noah gets frustrated over the close count and brings Bradley up to his feet. Noah backs up a step, before darting forward to his discus forearm smash, but Bradley does a go behind and hits a back suplex! Noah goes crashing on his head, and ends up standing on jelly legs, but not for long as Bradley cracks with him his superkick! Bradley drops down over him to make the cover and earns the pinfall! A chorus of boos rain down on him, but nothing can remove his smirk, knowing he’s building up some proper momentum into becoming something better then what he's been thus far.</i>
<i>Having witnessed their entrances, the crowd were raring to see these two young men tango. Their exploits in the WWF were well documented and there was a lot of buzz surrounding the match, and not just for them. There was no love lost between their managers. If Candi and Roxy were going to stir up trouble on the outside was anyone’s guess from how they stared a hole into each other even with an entire ring separating them. A stern warning from the referee however ensured they were on their best behaviour (which isn't saying much). After the bell, it was Matthew who took control. He takes Johnny down with a snapmare, but Johnny gets back up and puts him in a side headlock before hitting a shoulder block. Matthew comes back with an armdrag takedown, then he puts Johnny in an armbar but Johnny punches his way out of it. He goes after Matthew and gets tagged with an uppercut, then Johnny blocks a waistlock and elbows Matthew in the face. He goes behind Matthew and hits a reverse DDT! He makes the lateral press but Wilson kicks out at two. Johnny follows up and hits Matthew with some mounted closed fist punches until the ref drags him off of Matthew and warns him of a DQ if Blaze keeps it up with the closed fists. Shaking his head, Johnny returns to Matthew, but eats a chain of uppercuts as Matthew looks to build momentum. Dazed, Johnny almost falls victim to a Lou Thesz press but blocks it. He slams Matthew on the mat, then taunts the crowd as he climbs the turnbuckles. He flies off and lands a diving elbow drop right to the sternum, but Wilson gets the shoulder up at two! Johnny brings Matthew to his feet and whips Matthew across the ring. Matthew ducks a clothesline and runs off the ropes opposite and nails a spinning heel kick! Johnny gets back up but Matthew hits some forearm shots and a clothesline, then he follows with a hurricanrana and a dropkick for a near fall. The crowd get behind Wilson, and the cheers of Roxy from ringside fuel him on to keep up the assault. He sets Johnny up and hits a rolling senton from the apron, then he sets up a tornado DDT but Candi jumps on the apron. Distracted, Matthew gets tossed off the turnbuckle with a super Northern Lights Suplex! Johnny scrambles for the cover, but only gets a near fall! On the outside, Roxy is having a heated argument with Candi who pretends to have done no wrong. Roxy hit her. It was a slap, backhanded, and it echoed around the arena! Both ladies start to brawl, but as things boils over between them, Johnny pulls Matthew to his feet. He goes to whip the Washington native into the corner, but Wilson reverses it! Matthew comes barrelling in looking to hit Take Two but Johnny rolls aside. Matthew turns to Johnny but gets kicked in the gut before being planted with the Power Slide for the win! Things don't end there though. After the match, Cara comes down the ramp to join Roxy in attacking Candi. A few seconds pass before Deacon Wolfe comes racing down with not too far behind Chanel Carter and imemediately tackles Roxy to the ground before going after Cara. On the same page by this point, Matthew and Johnny both slide out of the ring and try to break up the fight before too much damage is done. Either way, the crowd were delighted with the ongoing chaos.</i>
<i>A lot of people were probably excited about this match going in, however it only truly lived up to the excitement of one person at least. Both men made their entrances, and Cory looked more pissed off then usual. As soon as he hit the ring he bull rushed his opponent, taking him down, and beating him with continuous punches until the ref finally pushed him back a bit. As soon as Victor got to his feet on his own power, not easily I might add, Cory once again rushed him, hitting him with several knees, and stomps when he fell to the ground. He eventually got up off of him, after basically laying him out, and stared at the camera, mouthing that this was a message for Ragnarok. Cory went back over to his fallen opponent, and got down on a knee, hitting him with repeated fists to the face once again, eventually getting up off of him on his own once again, with the refs count going on in the background. Finally he backed himself up into a corner across from Victor, and as soon as Victor got back up to his feet, Cory basically ran through him with a huge spear that he calls "The Bloodlust." Victor was left fallen on the canvas again, holding his ribs in pain, as Cory once again stared at the camera, drawing a line with his hand across his neck, before picking his opponent back up to his feet. He wrapped his arm around his neck, and picked him up off of the ground, eventually driving him headfirst down with his "Silverback Brainbuster." From there he pinned Victor, and for his sake, finished the match when the ref hit his hand on the mat for the third time. Cory got up to his feet staring straight into the camera and said a few more choice words for Ragnarok, before leaving the ring with Frank in tow. If he was looking to send a message he did quite a good job tonight, that's for sure.</i>

<b>OCC:</b> Sorry about the wait everyone, I was a bit under the weather when I woke up the night of, so I put my matches off until the next morning, and then we had to wait for a few more matches to come in, so it happens, but you got your results nonetheless! lol Anyway, thanks for all you do, and make sure to reply to the ACTIVITY CHECK because if you don't you will lose your characters, I can promise you that. We don't want to delete a ton of people, but if you don't post in it, how can you expect us to let you stay? lol

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Feb 24 2015, 08:12 PM
Alright guys, the purpose of Sheep is simple. The aim is to match your answer with as many other players as possible. There is no such thing as an incorrect answer, So if someone asks, 'name a mountain' and everybody replies, 'Eiffel Tower' then that was the best sheep answer.

So PM me the answer you think will be most common for:

1. Number of hours a day you spend on this site
2. Choose one: Fried, steamed or roasted chicken
3. Name a Beautiful Strangers character.
4. Best film of 2014
5. A rapper.
6. Name a Beautiful Strangers admin
7. Name a famous sportsperson
8. Who always pays their debts?
9. Name an African country
10.Your mood
11. Name someone who was assassinated.
12. Name a famous cartoon cat.
13. What's the Internet Browser you use?
Feb 24 2015, 07:59 PM

A Wichita Falls man made news last week when he was arrested while trying to pay his property taxes.

Only there’s a little bit more to the story than that. The 27-year old Texan, Timothy Andrew Norris, arrived in person at the Wichita County Courthouse to pay his $600 property tax with individual dollar bills – only there was a twist. Or, er, a fold. Norris had allegedly folded each bill so tightly that it “required tax office personnel approximately six minutes to unfold each bill.”

If you’re doing the math, that means that it would take 3,600 minutes – or 60 hours, longer than a work week – to unfold the bills.

Tax Assessor Collector Tommy Smyth said that the spectacle brought work in the office to a halt so he asked Norris to leave. Norris refused and was eventually arrested and charged with criminal trespass. As you can imagine, Norris was none too happy about being arrested and attempted to break away from the arresting officer, earning him an additional charge of resisting arrest.

Norris might have been agitated because he was cutting it a bit close. According to the “official online window on state government service from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,” most counties and/or municipalities usually mail their tax bills in October. The final deadline for payment is generally February 1, after which a payment is considered delinquent. Norris arrived at the courthouse before the delinquency date – on January 28 – to pay his taxes which means that he was still on time.

Texas makes it clear that cash is an acceptable form of payment for property taxes. At Section 31.06 of the Texas Code:

A collector shall accept United States currency or a check or money order in payment of taxes and shall accept payment by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

The same is true for the feds. There is no law that says you have to pay your taxes by check, credit card or by using the largest bills possible. By federal law, at Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, you can pay your taxes in coins and currency:

United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues.

You may not want to try this at home. When you pay your taxes in cash, you’ll need proof of payment, which means you need a receipt. If you make it difficult for your payment to be counted, you might not get that receipt. The tax office isn’t staying open extra hours to count your money – nor do they have an obligation to do so. I’m guessing that you could make the argument that the tax office is required to count your cash every day until they have a total (and therefore a receipt) for you. In the case of Mr. Norris, assuming that they put a staffer on unfolding and counting his cash payment every day, it would take over a week to process, likely making Mr. Norris’ tax payment late.

Of course, we weren’t in the tax assessor’s office that day but I’m guessing Norris didn’t offer to come back the next day. Again, we don’t know what happened exactly. We just know it didn’t end well.


Feb 23 2015, 10:23 PM
Aftershock 2015 Link

So what was it that you guys liked or didn't like about the show? Opinions, criticisms, etc are all welcome. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Best match:

Best segment:

Best spot:

Best line:

What the hell moment:

Shocking moment:

Superstar of the night:

What are you looking most forward to:

Score out of 10:

Any other thoughts:
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