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Jul 25 2015, 01:02 AM
She gave him admin. powers... He gave her a cricker deluxe.
Apr 10 2015, 05:13 PM
Hey guys. So.. I don't really wanna go into all the details right now, I may later on. But a couple weeks ago, myself and my family suffered a very tragic loss. I haven't been myself since, and have just been trying to kinda get my head back on and endure what I've been feeling since. I'm alright, and I'm back. I didn't mean to leave everyone in wonder or possible worry as long as I did but I was kind of a mess and time literally slipped right on by.

I'm better. Not quite "100%" but I've been coming back around to the old me more and more within the last week. Thanks for keeping my account around haha, I was kinda dreading the idea of the day I logged back in and nerp, deleted. Missed you guys and gals, it feels good to be posting again with you already. Thank you all, and again I'm sorry for any inconveniences among fellow staffers. I was really blind sighted.

Alright shit crickers, let's go kick some minority ass!
Mar 29 2015, 01:37 AM
[dohtml]<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/3gc2DxsoEFk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/dohtml]

Thoughts? Good huh? http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Toldju.
Mar 22 2015, 10:32 AM
It was March 30th, 2015. Cory Chevelle was backstage at Ignite, getting ready for his match tonight against Ragnarok. This was it, the final encounter, and moment of pure full on contact violence that Chevelle had warned Ragnarok of. Chevelle was going to beat this man on a whole new level for professional wrestling. This wasn't a scripted ending match. This wasn't a match where both guys went over their spots together. This was as real as it gets. This was war.

Cory Chevelle was gonna put Trevor Copeland out of commission. Permanently.

For three months, he's worked with Trevor back and forth, and it was going no where. All a ploy to keep Chevelle at bay while Giovanni had his run of the playhouse. Chevelle wanted to be the face of the company, he wanted to represent this company and give it a champion it deserved! Chevelle wanted to prove he was the absolute best in this company, and pro-wrestling alike.

And these mother fuckers were jerkin' him around the whole GOD DAMN TIME!

Chevelle started getting into his ring gear, sliding into his trunks. Then he put his boots on and laced them up one by one. Today Cory Chevelle was going to set an example in this company, and he would make his declaration of war for the WWF World Heavyweight championship. Nothing or anyone was going to stop him. Some people think he was just blowing steam when he said he'd start going through the roster one by one. He wasn't. He felt like he had been strung along and fed full of shit long enough. He leaned back against the locker, staring across the locker room. Frank and Haley come walking up to him. Haley sits next to her father, laying her head down on his massive shoulder.

”Dad.. becareful.”

Cory wraps his arm around Haley, kissing the top of her head.

”Don't worry sweetie, Daddy's got this.”

”Taking him out?”

”Said I would, didn't I?”

”And he's just gonna sit there and let you? Say you do, what happens if it backfires and all kinds of heat and shit falls back on us?”

Chevelle begins taping his knuckles up.

”It won't. Because tonight, so many people are going to tune in just to see this last match and how badly we tear each apart. Tonight I'm gonna go out there and not just drop a pipe bomb running my god damn mouth like always! I'm gonna drop bombs period! With my fists! I'm gonna smack Trevor around as violent, and brutally as I can! Ain't about putting on a show this time. It's about making it seem like we are, but really it's every bit as real as my fights in MMA. We're gonna set a new standard here Frank. This place needs someone with some fucking balls! Welp, here's ol' Chevy!”

Chevelle says as he stands up and pounds his fists together.

”Hey.. I'm with ya 100% son. Let's go give these pie-eyed mother fuckers a REAL GOD DAMN FIGHT!

Chevelle nods and begins warming up while Haley looks on, worried and concerned.

TBC by anyone
Mar 17 2015, 07:32 AM

"Many fans around the internet are calling it "The promo heard around the world" as during the 3/16/15 airing of WWF's Monday Night Ignite, Cory Chevelle arrived seemingly furious and immediately went out to the ring. He stopped Frank at the stage and yelled that at him to stay in the back. This had many of us confused and wondering what was going on, it's been weeks since we last saw Chevelle do any kind of show promo, and anything other than show up for his bookings since his match at Aftershock.

What transpired after Chevy turned that mic on though, no one saw coming. But it was truly an amazing moment to witness in WWF and cable programming. Cory Chevelle wasn't the monster Cory Chevelle character, or The Silverback we have grown accustom to seeing so much in WWF. He was just himself, the real man behind that other guy. He was the athlete, competitor, and fighter we've only seen in rare personal bio pics made for dvd and of course, during his MMA career. Cory held nothing back what so ever. They tried cutting his mic feed even, and Cory was seriously gonna walk back and start beating people to a pulp! It was the most intense moment in pro-wrestling history, in recent memory for most of us anyway.

So, obviously the executives and producers saw this too, and they backed down big time on it. Cory then got back on the mic, and the promo went on until he was through. Cory told the audience how during his match with Ragnarok (Trevor Copeland) he was nearly critically injured due to a botched powerbomb from Ragnarok during their match. But, during the show, producers were told to do a quick camera angle change so they didn't have to edit the whole spot and move out, the angle shown during the pay-per-view didn't show the full view and force in which Cory was dropped on the back of his head and neck. During his promo, they refused to show the reel Cory and Frank wanted to show. Reasons given were that the company owns that footage and doesn't have to show any footage they own, stating Chevelle was lucky he wasn't removed from the building on the spot. Yeah, right. Your 5'7, 155 pound security guards are gonna remove Cory Chevelle... Like Aerosmith said: Dream on.

Cory didn't seem to notice the footage not shown, but those watching didn't notice either nor care. Staff at Camp Silverback have since put it on youtube, so fans may view it there. The footage on youtube isn't the same footage angle owned by the company. It was actually taken in a digital video recording by Cory's daughter, who was at the event and rooting for her father. You can even hear Haley gasp when she see's her dad come crashing down on his neck. How the man got up and continued through that match is both impressive, and truly incredible in our minds.

Cory continued his shoot-promo, breaking kayfabe and ripping both the chairman, Trevor Copeland, and whatever else he could inside the WWF. He even went as far as threatening the roster itself. Which, when you look at Chevelle and his attributes both in wrestling, and MMA, it's highly likely he could. We didn't doubt him as we watched the promo, anyway. Apparently no one else in the arena did either. Cory and Trevor aka Ragnarok have had one of WWF's longest and hottest rivalries since their grand opening a few months ago. We had received reports prior that were taken more as just rumors at the time, that Chevelle was getting bored and frustrated with the feud. Reasons being exactly as he said during his shoot. When the two first started, it seemed they at least got a long backstage. Well, we're guessing that's all gonna change now. So this leads us to wonder? Is the rematch between the two gonna even happen at the next pay-per-view? If it does, how will WWF protect Trevor from an irate and dangerous world champion fighter and wrestler? Trevor's a big, strong dude, but he's no Cory Chevelle.

It's also been said Cory's been extremely frustrated with how the company has handled his girlfriend, Lia Osaka. Lia has been under scrutiny many times in the past couple months, both by fellow divas and staff officials. One rumor going around is that Giovannia may have made multiple advances on her in which Lia refused and Giovanni was not pleased. It's no secret within the WWF it's been highly regarded as a mass orgy among the staff and roster members at times. There have been many scandals mentioned and rumored since they opened.

This promo could possibly be edited out for future archives, the show itself could be re-broadcast with Chevelle's promo edited out as well, but by this point that would be a huge mistake on WWF's part as the segment caused the show's ratings to dramatically spike during it's airing, and the fans online will not stop talking about it. So, it's out there whether they like it or not. May as well gain something from it, right? It also added a much needed fresh element to the Chevelle/Ragnarok feud.

The downside however.. Will we see Cory back after the latest Ignite? Chevelle later came out and competed in the tag match, but we saw how that went.. Right after the match, Chevelle went to the back and it's said everyone stayed clear of him and didn't say a word. Chevelle got dressed got his gear, and walked straight out where as usually he'll stick around to review the show with some other roster members, and hang with fans a little before leaving.

No word has been heard yet in reaction from neither Trevor, or Giovanni. But it's expected.

Cory Chevelle is 35 and in amazing condition still, maybe better now that when he was in his 20's even, right after he made it big in pro-wrestling, winning his first world title in XPCW. A company sadly lost during Hurricane Katrina. Well, not sadly really, a lot of talents there were abused, neglected, and poorly treated- including youngster and rookie at the time, Cory Chevelle. But since coming back to wrestling after a 5 year hiatus, Chevelle has signed with two other promotions outside of WWF. Both of the other companies very popular and highly renowned, Both, very fond of Chevelle's ring work and heel persona currently. Basically, Cory Chevelle's a very hot item once again, and he hasn't even won a title in any of the three promotions yet.

It's reported Chevelle has been very vocally interested in working with WWF champion, Lewis Young. The two have become friends outside the ring since touring together, and it's said they have a good chemistry together already. Many fans are dying to see this match as well. It could be where we see Cory Chevelle go after his feud with Ragnarok is over. If Chevy still has a job with the company after Monday night. But we know Giovanni, he's a smart business man and despite the brutal comments Cory had for him, we're sure he's seeing the dollar signs and value spike of Cory Chevelle right now. Chevelle equals ratings and money! Money talks, you know what walks.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more!
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