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 Posted: Feb 23 2015, 09:42 PM
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The video package opened up, as it showed a few of the big highlights from the nights action prior to this. It didn't give away any sort of spoilers or anything however, as they would leave all of that to the two hosts that were running the show. The video ended with a shot of some of the bigger matches all merged together in a giant image, before then showing the two hosts who sat there smiling at the camera.

Kimberly Carr: Hello everyone, I am Kimberly Carr, and with me as always is Justin Benson. Let me just say this right now, that probably had to be the best pay-per view event that I've ever watched for the WWF. What great matches tonight!

Justin Benson: You definitely had that right Kimberly, everyone went out there on a mission tonight, and there was no doubt a lot of pressure to perform at the highest of levels, which everyone seemed to be more then happy to do.

Kimberly Carr: That is definitely not an understatement, as I'm sure all of our fans who just watched it live, and around the world on the WWF Network can agree with us. There's a lot to talk about tonight, so we might as well go ahead and start with the pre-show from tonight, which included two very big matches, that had it's fair share of star power in them. The first of which was Bradley Logan taking on TJ Reede in a match between two superstars who have been quite impressive thus far.

Justin Benson: A lot of people could say that Bradley has been on the losing side of things quite often, however there has always been a reason for it for the most part. Whether it's a tag match, with unfair teams, or it's a match where he's screwed out of the win. There's always a reason he lost other then being beaten by the other man. I was definitely interested to see if he'd be able to win impressively tonight.

Kimberly Carr: Well before the the match got under way, Bradley Logan did have something to say. Check it out here!


Kimberly Carr: As you could see, Bradley Logan was coming into this match looking focused, and ready to compete that the highest level possible. We all know he's talented, he just hasn't put it all together yet to be as good as he could possibly be.

Justin Benson: Your damn right he's talented, and tonight I felt that he'd be able to show everyone just that.

Kimberly Carr: Well we might as well get right to the match then right? It was Bradley Logan taking on TJ Reede, and both men were looking to make an impact to catch the eyes of the power at be, as both men I'm sure have gold on their minds. The match started out with both me having a little back and forth action. TJ was able to show a lot of his strength, but Bradley was definitely the quicker man. He also proved to be a bit more cunning at times, using various little tricks to gain advantage, even when it looked as if TJ would be in full control.

Justin Benson: TJ looked good early, but as the match went on Bradley did a really good job to wear him down. He continued to stay on him the entire time, and while he'd usually let up here and there, there was no sign of that tonight.

Kimberly Carr: Bradley kept his control, but eventually TJ started to come back. He leveled him with a couple of big and powerful moves, things that turned him inside out to say the least. The crowd seemed to think that TJ was about to put it away, however almost out of no where, Bradley Logan scored with his signature "Superkick," allowing him to pick up the three count, and an impressive victory!

Justin Benson: That's the dangerous thing about that superkick, it can hit you from just about anywhere! That's exactly what happened this time, and Bradley Logan picked up a great win on the pre show!


Kimberly Carr: It was a great win for Bradley, but let's not stay on that match too much, because the next one on the pre show was for the number one contendership for the television championship! It is a fatal four way match between Mason Andrews, Noah Cooper, Joey Bryant, and Timothy Hunt. These four are all very good at what they do. Mason Andrews actually had something to say before the match, let's check it out!


Justin Benson: Some pointed words, no doubt. This match looked to be very good on paper, and it definitely gave everyone quite a treat for free considering it was on the pre show.

Kimberly Carr: That they did, and did you have a pick for this match?

Justin Benson: Umm, since you're putting me on the spot, my pick would have been Timothy Hunt, I like his style, and I thought he was going to take it.

Kimberly Carr: Well, let's get into this match then. All four men made their respective entrances, with the crowd backing Joey the most, probably because of the hellacious beating he took at the hands of Cory Chevelle some weeks ago. He was definitely the darling of the match, but how would he end up fairing. That was what was left to be seen.

Justin Benson: Honestly, if I had to rank these guys before the match started, I would have had Joey as the guy getting pinned. He just doesn't have "it." That's all I can really say.

Kimberly Carr: That was your take, but the match action was going to speak for itself. When the match began each man took another, and all started slugging it out, looking to get the proverbial hole-shot on the field involved in the match. Early on it looked as if Noah Cooper may be the strongest guy in the match, but Mason Andrews took over from there, clobbering him with a hard running kick to the chest, sending the brash Cooper out to the outside of the ring.

Justin Benson: Noah Cooper was looking good early, but it was obvious that he just couldn't cut it long enough to take home the match at that moment in time.

Kimberly Carr: I wouldn't say he couldn't cut it, but he was cut off. Mason from there controlled some of the match, and was able to keep Joey and Timothy at bay for a good while, going back and forth between the guys. Eventually though Timothy reversed an attempt at a suplex, and hit him hard with a DDT that absolutely planted him. Joey started to stir once again, but Timothy made sure to keep him down along with doing damage to Mason. Noah attempted to get back into the match, however he was sent back down to the floor on the outside for his troubles.

Justin Benson: Timothy showed how much of an overall veteran in the ring he is, by how well he controlled it. That's why he was my pick Kimberly, and as you know, my picks pretty much never lose.

Kimberly Carr: You know, I'm not even going to say anything. From there on Timothy kept each of the men grounded to the best of his ability, and finally brought Mason up to his feet. He put him down with his "No Chance" finisher, and went for the cover, however Noah broke it up right before the ref's arm came down the third time. Noah stood up along with Timothy, and the two went back and forth with punches and kicks looking to score the advantage. Finally Noah got Timothy down to one knee and hit him with the "On Capital Hill," Putting him down for the count. The ref counted to two, but Joey was able to get there barely to break it up. Noah shook his head, and appealed to the ref, before then setting Joey up for that same move that just put Timothy down. As he ran at him and tried to hit him in the head with it, Joey ducked, and sprung up to his feet. When Noah turned around Joey hit him with a super kick, before grabbing him and taking him up into the air for a hard brain buster. He felt the energy of the fans as he crawled his way towards the ropes, and climbed up to the top. With all of the men down, Joey jumped off of the top rope, and came crashing down on Noah Cooper, hitting him with his "Shooting Star Press." He covered Noah, and the ref counted to three with Mason just barely missing out on breaking up the count. Joey Bryant was now the new number one contender for the Television title!

Justin Benson: You must be tired after all of that huh? Anyway, Joey literally got beaten up for most of the match, only having little fits here and there of offense, however when it mattered most he came through in the clutch. I did think that Timothy was going to take it, but I suppose I can be wrong every once in a while.


Kimberly Carr: You were definitely wrong tonight that's for sure. Either way, it was a great win for Joey Bryant who has been through a lot this month, and I'll be interested to see him go toe to toe with the champion who walks away with the title tonight, that's for sure!

Justin Benson: It should be a good match, though I still don't think Joey has it in him to be able to actually win the title, especially if Jacob Knight were to leave the night tonight with the championship.

Kimberly Carr: With the match over with, it was finally time for the actual pay per view to start, which by the way was full of great matches, and it made me wonder why anyone wouldn't want to pay for the WWF Network to see it honestly.

Justin Benson: To be completely honest, it should be a no brainer on whether to buy the network or not, because you get so much more then simply the pay per views. It's also pretty cheap when you compare it to Netflix or anything like that.

Kimberly Carr: That it is. Let's move onto the first title match of the night, as well as the opening match for Aftershock. It was the tag team champions "The Iron Curtain," accompanied by Natasha Makarov taking on the former champions who they beat last month Mark RInaldo and Vick Roberson.

Justin Benson: At Isolation, the Russians were able to dominate most of the match, and show their superiority, however I know the former champions were no doubt very energized going into this match as they wanted to win their titles back.

Kimberly Carr: Both teams made their entrances, and it looked as if the former champions were much more intense early on. The two teams collided with each of their members coming into the match at various times. Both teams looked impressive at different times, however as the match dragged on the Russian's became more and more dominate once again.

Justin Benson: "The Iron Curtain," is so good at working together, it's no wonder that they are the champions. The former champions obviously were pumped up coming into the match, but they looked to be no match for the Russians.

Kimberly Carr: The former champions did have a some offense though, as they started to storm back into the match, hitting some big double team moves that we haven't even seen before. With those two hitting on all cylinders, there was no way that they could be stopped, at least that's what we thought. Natasha got herself involved into the match, and the Russian's capitalized by putting down Mark Rinaldo with their vicious double team finisher "Curtain Crash." With that the ref counted to three, and the match was over. The champions retained the titles!

Justin Benson: Mark and Vick put up a good effort, however at the end of the night, they couldn't come through. The Iron Curtain was the better team because of their manager, and that should be no surprise really, as Natasha is known for being very useful to say the least!


Kimberly Carr: They just didn't have enough in the tank to beat the champions tonight, but it was a valiant effort, so we can't dismiss them, that's for sure. I think it's time we move onto the next match, it is for the Women's Tag Team Titles, a new championship that was created this month, that had a tournament attached to it to find the first ever champions. The two teams that came away from that tournament were the twins Roxy and Cara, as well as team OMG, which included Candi Rossi and Deacon Wolfe.

Justin Benson: These two teams showed to have more chemistry working together then any other teams this month, and it should be no surprise that they were going to be the two fighting it out for these new championships. I think most people see the twins as the favorites just because they've tagged so long, however Candi and Deacon have come together quite quickly, and have looked very good.

Kimberly Carr: That is very true, before we get to the match highlights though, we saw a video before the match began. Here, take a look!


Kimberly Carr: As you could see, Roxy had a lot to say about their opponents tonight, and it shouldn't be a surprise as Cara had gone on the record to call out Candi Rossi and Deacon Wolfe even before the two teams had gotten into the finals. There was some bad blood between the two stemming from something, and I know I was pretty excited to see this one go down, there's no doubt about that.

Justin Benson: I know I was going to enjoy just looking at the competitors involved, let alone seeing them kick ass in the ring tonight. When both teams made their entrances, you could see that both were very focused on the task at hand. Both seemed to know how big of a match this was, because if you become the very first champion for a brand new title, you will be remembered for years to come! It's a big deal!

Kimberly Carr: You definitely have a point there. Cara and Candi started the match, and right away both were in each other's face, letting each other know exactly what they thought about them. The two were quick to exchange shots right after that, however Cara was the one to come out ahead of the exchange as the stronger competitor. Candi wasn't going to just take a beating though however as she stormed back into the match a bit, using her arrogant, yet effective offense to send Cara crawling back to her corner to bring in her sister Roxy.

Justin Benson: There was some really good back and forth there, however at the end of the day it was a bit of a stalemate in general as both Roxy and Deacon came into the match right after that flurry back and forth.

Kimberly Carr: With the two completely fresh competitors in the ring, they locked up, and both tried to get the advantage on the other. Roxy used her impressive technical skill, along with her speed to control Deacon early, however Deacon started to come back just a bit later on. Roxy halted Deacon's progress in the match however and brought her sister back in to do more damage. With Cara being the more powerful of the two she was able to really lay into Deacon, causing her to take on a lot of damage that seemed to keep her down on the mat. Candi wanted back in the match quite a bit, but Deacon just couldn't make it back, no matter how hard she tried. Cara also made sure to rub that into Candi's face as well, making it known that she was in control of everything and Daddy's princess had no say in it all.

Justin Benson: The twins are equally as good in the ring physically, as they are mentally. They are great at playing mind games against their opponents, and that was shown ten fold in this match, that's for sure.

Kimberly Carr:The mind games didn't just stop there, they continued on as Cara and Roxy made frequent tags, making sure that Deacon had no chance to make it to her corner. They showed their years of chemistry which was right now beating the month or so of chemistry between team OMG. With the twins in control, it wasn't looking good for Candi and Deacon, however Deacon was able to land a double DDT when the twins attempted to suplex her together, and from there it was all about crawling herself to the corner. She eventually made the tag, and in came Candi, looking to put away both of her opponents. She hit both with a running drop kick, and then landed a hard kick to the side of Cara's head, causing her to roll out of the ring. Roxy wasn't the legal member of the team, but from there she took some of the abuse from Candi, even getting hit with her "Beauty Sleep." She went for the cover, however the ref made it known that she wasn't the legal competitor in the ring, and because of that she couldn't be pinned.

Justin Benson: Candi was no doubt upset by that development, but she knows the rules just like anyone else. She's shown that first hand by breaking them every chance she's gotten as well. I'm not against that of course, I'm just telling it like it is. She's still probably the most beautiful woman in this company.

Kimberly Carr: Oh stop trying to earn brownie points with her, and our boss, her father. Anyway, Candi searched around for Cara, but couldn't seem to find her at first, she was then blind sided by the more ample of the twins, and taken down with a hard forearm to the back of the head. From there Cara picked up Candi and attempted to hit her with her "Rack Attack," however Candi rolled out of it, and was able to hit Cara with a boot to the head. Roxy was recovering in the corner and when Deacon started to try to get back in, she knocked her back to the floor on the outside. After that Roxy drew the attention of Candi, and acted much more weak then what she was. When Candi got close, she hit her out of now where with her "Seeing Stars" finishing kick, which caused Candi to fall down to the mat. Cara had worked her way to her feet shortly after that and picked up Candi, hitting her with her "Rack Attack" this time, which allowed her to score the pin fall for the twins, making them the first ever women's tag team champions!

Justin Benson: It was quite a good match back and forth, but it was obvious that Deacon had just taken too much abuse during the match to become a big factor in the ending of it, leaving Candi hanging out to dry a little bit. Still though, these two teams proved to be the two best in the women's tag division, that's for sure!


Kimberly Carr: Both teams did have a great showing, however the twins proved to be the better ladies tonight at least. The one interesting thing though was the fact that Chanel didn't accompany team OMG to the ring. We may not have noticed it at first considering she had just joined their ranks this past week, however we saw exactly why she didn't join them tonight, as the camera had moved backstage to show a locksmith unlocking a door that seemed to be shut tight. When the door opened, Chanel stumbled out of the room, no doubt a little injured as she must have been attacked before hand by the twins. That is definitely not going to make team OMG very happy going forward, I can tell you that much.

Justin Benson: It was a very smart move by the twins though, as you know how managers can be. They can make a huge difference in the match, and they made sure that Chanel wasn't going to make any difference at all in the end! Well done by the sisters!

Kimberly Carr: It was quite distasteful to say the least to attack someone who isn't a trained wrestler, however I guess we shouldn't be surprised by it right? Either way, they are now the new champions, and hopefully we'll see some more great matches going forward in the women's tag division! I think it's time that we move onto the next match of the evening, one that a lot of people were very excited for. It was the battle of the monsters. The battle between Ragnarok, a champion for the people, and Cory Chevelle, a monster who is looking to make a name for himself for years to come here in the WWF.

Justin Benson: The build up for the match had been great going into it, and I know myself that I had no idea who'd end up coming out the winner when the dust settled.

Kimberly Carr: In case people weren't fired up enough for it, here was the hype video that played right before it.


Kimberly Carr: If you weren't hyped up for the match before, you had no choice but to be after watching that, I know that much. Both of these men were looking to prove that they were the alpha male, but only one could walk away with the victory.

Justin Benson: Everyone knew what kind of carnage these two men could cause, and I think that's what made it all the more exciting.

Kimberly Carr: One thing that interested me a bit was what sort of role was Frank going to play with all of this. He has always been Cory's mouthpiece, however as a manager, he could always have some sort of a role in the match.

Justin Benson: Oh come on, Frank's innocent!

Kimberly Carr: Hardly, but I digress. Either way let's move onto the highlights. Both men made their entrances, and the crowd was hot for both of them. They were solidly behind Ragnarok, however they may have been even louder when Cory came out because of the boos. It didn't seem to affect him though as he had laser focus on the task at hand.

Justin Benson: The intensity was definitely there right away, and neither of the two guys took all that long to get the party started.

Kimberly Carr: If this was a party, it was quite an interesting one, as both men started to really slug it out as soon as they had both gotten inside of the ring. Neither guy was allowing themselves to be pushed back at all, as fists flew back and forth. Cory finally landed a hard knee to the stomach of Ragnarok, giving him the edge in the exchange, but that didn't last long when Ragnarok hit him with a hard clubbing blow to the upper back area. Both men were using their immense power to take it to one another inside of the ring, however things really got heated when they made it to the outside.

Justin Benson: There was a lot of battling back and forth, however there was no clear winner. When they did finally get to the outside of the ring, both made sure to use their surroundings to the best of their ability to hurt their opponent.

Kimberly Carr: Each man took their turn being thrown into the barricades, steel steps, and having their heads bounced off of the announce table, yet neither of them were getting the decided advantage on the other. They were both being pushed, and both were taking abuse, yet neither of them were backing down, which is probably kind of expected considering who was taking part in the matches. They were showing first hand that all of the talk before tonight was completely true, neither man was going to give up.

Justin Benson: Neither were giving up, however Cory started to take some of the momentum overall and began to dish out a good bit of punishment on Ragnarok, sending him into the steel steps multiple times, making him stay down because of it. He landed hard boots into his back, and when he went for the chair, Frank had to warn him that it wasn't a no disqualification match, making him rethink his strategy. With the chair out of the way, he started to beat down on Ragnarok, eventually bloodying him with a constant barrage of fists to his forehead.

Kimberly Carr: With the crimson mask starting to form, Cory took some of the blood from Ragnarok's face and wiped it against his chest, making it a warriors mark almost. From there he was able to lift up the former champion and roll him inside of the ring. Once they both were in he went for a cover, but only got a two count. Cory wasn't happy, but he didn't argue too much. He helped Ragnarok up to his feet and delivered a hard pump handle slam, before going for another cover. Once again it was a two count, This time he also showed his frustration a bit. Cory picked Ragnarok back up and bashed his head against the top turnbuckle multiple times, before spinning him around. He backed up to the opposite corner and hit him with a large splash, sending Ragnarok back down to the mat, but when he went for a cover, he once again only got a two count. Cory shook his head and then made a cutting motion across his neck to show that the match was about to end. He moved back to the opposite corner and started to line Ragnarok up for the "Bloodlust." As soon as the big man got to his feet however, he turned and saw Cory coming, allowing him to move, and causing Cory to slam his shoulder into the ring post.

Justin Benson: Cory hit that ring post really hard! I'm not sure if he could even really feel his arm after that.

Kimberly Carr: The pain definitely showed in his facial expression as he worked his way out of the corner, and while Ragnarok didn't seem to be all there with the blood covering his face, he no doubt had escaped a very close call. Ragnarok got back up to his feet eventually and as Cory stood back up, he was caught by the big man's hand being around his throat. Cory kicked his way out of it, and attempted to hit him with a hard clothesline, however Ragnarok evaded it, and instead scored with a big boot. Frank on the outside grabbed the steel chair that had almost came into play earlier, and slid it into the ring for Cory to grab. Ragnarok had fallen back down to a knee, but got back up right after that. When Cory attempted to grab the chair, Ragnarok stepped on it, and grabbed the fellow monster. He attempted to pick Cory up for his "Ragnarocked" finishing move, however Cory lifted his upper half up and sent Ragnarok down to the mat with a back body drop. Both men were down again, however they eventually got back up to their feet. Cory got himself some separation and attempted to hit his "Bloodlust" once again on Ragnarok, however he lifted a knee at the last moment to hit him square in the head. From there he quickly grabbed him, and picked him up, slamming him down hard right onto the chair with his "Ragnarocked" finishing move. Ragnarok fell down onto Cory and the ref counted to three, making him the winner of this clash of the titans.

Justin Benson: These two giants went toe to toe, and beat the crap out of each other. I can't believe how much abuse either took from each other, but at the end of the night, Ragnarok proved to be the better man in this match, however Cory wasn't done.

Kimberly Carr: Cory looked to be down and out, however with some distraction, and time to recover, he grabbed the chair off of the ground, the same one that helped him stay down for the three count, and attacked Ragnarok from behind with it, hitting him multiple times in the back with the chair, leaving his opponent for the night laying in the center of the ring, with a bloodied face. Cory may not have won the battle, but he may have won the war with all of that. I know I'll be interested to see if Ragnarok shows up to the next show or two, because he took an absolute beating in the match, and especially after it. What a despicable showing by Cory at the end of the match. He lost fair and square!

Justin Benson: Cory is doing what he needs to do to prove that he is the true alpha male in this company, and I'm sure Ragnarok can hear that message loud and clear now, which is what he was going for.


Kimberly Carr: In the footsteps of that incredible match, our next contest was the second grudge match of the evening and was the Divas’ answer to Chevelle versus Ragnarok - Bianca Banks versus Tempest. Revenge was on The Dominatrix’s mind. Falling victim to two heavy handed assaults from the powerhouse of the women’s division, she finally had her chance to lay her hands on her foe and introduce Tempest to her own brand of pain. She came out to thunderous cheers from the crowd, unusual for her, but she took it in stride.

Justin Benson: The fans do not like Tempest AT ALL and have really gotten behind Bianca after the abuse she's suffered at Tempest's hands. Bianca was coming into this on the back of a win from Throwdown. She, Candi Rossi and Deacon Wolfe overcame Tempest, Cara and Roxy in their six-man tag team match. However, that’s not the entire story. Bianca and Tempest never personally came to blows Thursday night. There was no escape this time though and they had to settle this in front of 50,000 eager fans. The question was if the dominatrix would see the same fate as her makeshift partners and suffer a loss here tonight.

Kimberly Carr: And now we know the answer. What did you think of this one, Justin?

Justin Benson: Brutal…brutal match. That’s always a good thing, right?

Kimberly Carr: It is. What an amazing display of toughness. Everything was stiff and loud and looked painful as hell, and the crowd was losing its mind for the entire thing. Just 20 minutes of two gals locking in and beating the ever living snot out of each other. When you step into Tempest’s element, you better be prepared for a fight.

Justin Benson: That’s exactly what this was and it delivered to the fullest extent. I was absolutely expecting a stiff battle here. Tempest’s been the go to woman for that and Bianca can get in a brawl with the best of them with her MMA background. But man, if you want two women destroying each other with vicious lariats, forearms, headbutts and whatever else is in their arsenal, here you go. This was a FIGHT. A devastating match that probably shortened both of their careers. My blood was pumping watching this and I did not expect what I saw here.

Kimberly Carr: Neither did Tempest. With that attitude she brought to the ring, I was surprised she didn’t have her suitcase with her. I don’t think she was fully prepared for this absolute war with Bianca Banks. One of the most stiffest matches I’ve witnessed.

Justin Benson: Both women were on point but it was Tempest who came out roaring from the get go, expecting to wrap this bout up in no more than five minutes. The opening was crazy intense and Tempest rocked an unforgettable headbutt and powerbomb. It wasn’t a one sided affair though. Both ladies traded control until Bianca unleashed what might have been the most cringe-inducing full-nelson suplex of the year about a quarter way through the match, bringing Tempest down hard as the disgusting thud rang through the arena. She stayed on Tempest like a bad itch. Utterly relentless. Assaulting her, but she put all her strength into it, all her humiliation, all her rage, all her pain and the crowd ate it all up..

Kimberly Carr: Good things don’t last forever though. Her opponent had a reply for everything. Give me your best shot and I will repay in kind tenfold. Amazingly, Tempest did more than recover, only minutes after that vicious suplex she turned into a force of nature. The total domination of Bianca by Tempest quieted any talks of her not having the power to fight Bianca straight up. It went on that way for, in hindsight, quite some time. Tempest knows she isn’t the greatest technician on the roster. She didn’t try to work the arm of Bianca, she tried to knock her down for the three count and a massive big boot from the powerhouse almost did, but she herself broke the cover at two.

Justin Benson: A mistake she would soon learn. Tempest had Bianca dead to rights but she wanted to keep dishing out a beating. Looking to involve the steel steps, she positioned Bianca for her deadly Cross Powerbomb, Storm’s End.

Kimberly Carr: So when Bianca countered the effort, and back body dropped Tempest into the steel, the crowd came unglued as a major comeback was on the cards. She was looking worse for wear, but sending Tempest headfirst into the steel post evened the odds and took a lot out of the Atlanta native.

Justin Benson: I’ll say. Tempest looked like she might have got a light concussion from that!

Kimberly Carr: Both ladies soldiered on though. And when the action returned to the ring, the crowd got rowdy when Bianca was locking in the Tarantula, but crucially for Tempest, she landed a scintillating kick across Bianca before the dominatrix could hook her legs, pulling the rug right from Bianca’s feet. Both ladies were dazed, but after catching their breath, they went straight back to slugging it out with one another.

Justin Benson: At times it was almost too uncomfortable to watch, knowing how banged up Bianca was after the punishment she endured earlier in the night, but part of Bianca’s appeal is the fire and determination she shows and the crowd responded to it in a big way tonight. They got a lot of mileage out of kicks and clotheslines to finish the match. One last clothesline turned Bianca inside out, and she could do little to prevent Tempest delivering Storm’s End. After that, the three count was academic.

Kimberly Carr: And after such a grueling encounter, there was certainly no shame in loss at all here.

Justin Benson: I love intensity in a wrestling match and this one had it in spades. I felt like I got punched in the mouth when it was over.

Kimberly Carr: It was so reminiscent of the Chevelle and Ragnarok match earlier in the night where they just brutalized each other forever. It was the same here, seeing stiff shot after stiff shot was amazing to witness. A classic, stiff brawl this was. What a great match, and me proud to be a fan.


Kimberly Carr: The next match of the night involved these masked men who have been showing up at various events during this past month, attacking whoever seemed to be in sight at that moment in time. They've come out and said that they had captured Sebastian Wolf and that definitely has not made Aric Hardy all that happy, that's for sure.

Justin Benson: These masked men are up to no good, but because of the Slade Brothers, and Aric Hardy, these masked men are going to have a chance to compete tonight against the Slade Brothers, a team that they made sure and attacked right away almost.

Kimberly Carr: There's no doubt that the Slade Brothers are quite psyched up going into this match, and you could see it in their eyes when they made their entrance. No one really knew what to think of these masked men, other then that they liked to attack people from behind like savages. It must have been hard to plan for that considering the Slade Brothers don't know much about these guys.

Justin Benson: The Slade Brothers happen to be one of the best tag teams we've had in this company over the last ten years, so if any team can figure out how to beat these guys, it would be them! I mean, I'm not exactly their biggest fan, but I know what they are capable of inside of the squared circle.

Kimberly Carr: While the Slade Brothers had now taken a residence in the center of the ring, they were made to wait for a good bit of time for their opponents to show up. Eventually the two men came out of the crowd with their riot gear like attire. As soon as they slid into the ring though, both of the Slade Brothers jumped on them quickly, hitting them with many fists, and kicks, looking to punish these guys who attacked them from behind. They were able to beat those two masked men down a bit, but eventually they moved to the outside to try to regroup. The Slade Brothers had other ideas though, as both of them bounced off of the ropes, and jumped over the top, hitting the two masked men, and knocking them to the ground. The crowd was going nuts at the high risk move that was just pulled off, and the Slade Brothers seemed to be feeling it quite well.

Justin Benson: What a move they just pulled off, though it shouldn't be any surprise considering the teams that are currently involved. The masked men, may not have realized just how game the former champions were until that point in time.

Kimberly Carr: As the Slade Brothers looked to keep control of the match from there, both of the masked men were able to reverse their opponents, before sending them into the ring post hard. Both of the Slade Brothers went down in a heap, and from there the masked men really took control. They brutalized the brothers with stomps, punches in bunches, and using the environment to their advantage, including a lot of the use of the barricades. It may be used to keep the wrestlers in, and the fans out, however tonight it was used as a brick wall. As the Brothers continued to take a bit of a beating, the masked men had finally rolled their opponents into the ring, ready to try to put them away once and for all. They picked up Jason Slade at first, and delivered a hard double suplex, making him hold his back in pain. They then turned their attention to Chase, and helped him up to his feet. They lifted him into the air, and attempted a double power bomb, however Chase started to fight his way out of it, and eventually reversed it into a DDT, which planted both of the men. Chase rolled onto one going for a cover, however it was only a two count. Chase landed a punch to each of the masked men, and then went over to check on his fallen brother.

Justin Benson: It looked for quite some time that the Masked Men were going to just take this because of how much control they seemed to have on the match, however that changed in an instant. The Slade Brothers once again showed their resolve.

Kimberly Carr: As Chase checked on his brother Jason, the masked men regrouped across from them in the ring. The ref had lost control of this match long ago, and had basically allowed it to go on under tornado rules. As all four men got to their feet at the same time, the two teams had a stare off before going back at it right in the center once again. The more powerful team, which was the masked men took control again thanks to some rather cheap tactics to say the least. From there they seemed to control the match, hitting some power moves, while using holds in between to try to slow down their opponents that were known for their speed. The Slade Brothers don't know when to say die though, as they came storming back, hitting quite a few high octane moves, that would tire out just about anyone who'd be watching at the moment, just because of how much motion they were in. They seemed to be riding high, until one of the masked men hit Jason Slade with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker that caused him to roll out of the ring for a moment. The masked men then focused their attack on Chase, but he once again stepped up to the plate, and reversed an attempt to take his head off, Instead, sending one of the masked men out of the ring and to the floor. Chase then hit the other masked man with a hard drop kick that sent him across the ring. As Chase lined the masked man up however, the ref had turned his attention to the fallen wrestler, and when he did another masked man showed up with a steel pipe in hand, hitting Chase in the head with it, before hiding down beside the apron. Chase went down like a ton of bricks, and the Masked man got back up to his feet inside of the ring, and picked up Chase. He lifted him into the air, and brought him down headfirst with a hard brainbuster, before going for the cover. Jason attempted to get in to break it up, however the other masked man stopped him, causing the masked men to win the match!

Justin Benson: The Slade brothers put in a great effort, however, it just wasn't enough to take out these masked hooligans. At that moment in time we had hoped we'd get to see who these guys were, however that wasn't going to be the case.


Kimberly Carr: I think the Slade Brothers would have one had it not been for the other masked man coming into the match, as it became three on two then, which isn't fair.

Justin Benson: Well Kim, life isn't fair, and there was still something left to be said right as that match ended. Here, take a look!

The crowd continues to boo, as the three Masked Men stood tall in the center of the ring. This is when Giovanni Rossi makes his way out on stage, not too happy with what he is seeing.

Giovanni Rossi: Congratulations, you won your debut match with the help of a third masked man, can't say I saw that coming. You guys have many cards up your sleeves. But I guess a win, is a win, but let us not forget about the deal that was struck for this match to take place, for you guys to compete in a WWF ring here tonight. I need you to take those masks off and reveal yourself, I need to know who I signed to a contract.

The men in SWAT like uniform looks at each other. The third Masked Man standing between the two who competed against The Slade Brothers just moments ago, pulls out a microphone from his side pocket. As he begins to speak only to revealed a scrambled voice.

Masked Man: Didn't your lawyers thought, not to sign masked men with no knowledge of the identity to a contract. .....Anyway, you're right! That's the deal, but not yet. Not until Aric Hardy, gets what he deserve.

Giovanni Rossi: No, the deal was.....

Masked Man: The deal was on the twenty-second day of the second month of this year, which is tonight, the unmasking of these studs identities will take place after our match. While the match is over, this night is not over.

Giovanni Rossi: What are you talking about?

Masked Man: We're talking about Aric Hardy. Aric is going to get what he deserves tonight, and only then will you and everybody will get your answer, who is under the masks.

Mr. Rossi clearly looks upset, when suddenly "Battle Cry" hits and there is a mix reaction from the crowd. A shirtless and wet Aric Hardy (wearing faded dark blue Levi's jeans, revealing just above the jeans, black & gray Under Armour underwear and black & white DC shoes) walks out on stage and stands next Rossi, he grabs the microphone out of the hands of Mr. Rossi.

Aric Hardy: I'm not sure who the heck you guys are or what the hell you want. Like myself, you just burst onto the scene of WWF. Kidnapped my best friend and his sister, beat up former champions, you guys pretty much terrorized your way to a WWF contract. So I was back there, readying myself for my match with The Darkness later tonight, when I heard you say, you're not done. That Aric Hardy still has to get what he deserve. So I'm like why wait till later? I can get what I deserve right now.

Aric stares a hole through the mask guys and drops the microphone. He makes his way down the ramp, as the crowd erupts with cheers. With Aric Hardy now at ring side, the crowd are cheering and The Masked Men challenging Aric Hardy to enter the ring. Aric drops to one knee, and pulls out a steel bat from under the square circle. This only send the crowd into a frenzy of cheers, while The Masked Men now start to think twice of challenging Aric Hardy to enter the ring. Aric looks at the steel bat and then at the Masked Men standing in the ring. He climbs the apron and as soon as he enters, all three Masked Men retreats from the square circle, leaving Aric Hardy standing a lone in the ring. "Battle Cry" hits and the crowd once again pops, as Aric Hardy continue to challenge the Masked Men to enter the ring, while they make their way up the ramp.

Kimberly Carr:What a roller coaster of a night. The masked men making a bold declaration of their intentions later on in the night. And we still had four huge matches on offer. And this next one was a treat and a half. In what was his biggest test yet, Jacob Knight put his WWF Television Championship on the line against one of the title's most prominent holders, the one and only Ellis King.

Justin Benson: Having finally gotten the monkey of never being able to overcome Antonio Delavega in singles action off his back, Ellis was finally ready to claim an unprecedented SEVENTH Television title and show all of his underrated genius. What stood in his way was a young man who is building himself into an unstoppable force, and with Regina Masters at his side, Ellis may be one of the few men left who can put a stop to Jacob's momentum. Both men set out to prove a point to show who could be more brutally brilliant than the other and by the end there was not a doubt in anyone’s mind that both men had a fiery spirit down to their souls.

Kimberly Carr:Jacob Knight and Ellis King are two guys who, under normal circumstances, can have a great match no matter who they’re wrestling. Tonight, they had an outstanding match.

Justin Benson: From the opening feeling out process on, this was a match that felt appropriately epic. It was an almost perfect pro-wrestling spectacle. What followed was a brilliant back and forth match with Knight trying to hit The Hunt from any position and King fighting it off and working over Knight’s back, preparing for his Checkmate.

Kimberly Carr: Ellis King is a special wrestler. The crowd is an extension of his self, his boundless energy and optimism. And in this match, Knight works them like he would any of Ellis’ other appendages—slowing the tempo, shutting them up, and sucking the life out of the challenger. Of course, Ellis is too tenacious to let it last.

Justin Benson: The contest started deliberately, but things really pick up at the fifteen minute mark when Ellis shook off a series of spike DDTs. With Regina Masters constantly being a thorn in the side by involving herself in the match, even distracting the ref when Ellis might have nabbed the win, you can see the fury slowly building inside King until it bubbles over and Ellis knocks Knight from the top rope, becoming a unrelenting bull. The ‘oh my God’ look on Jacob’s face is priceless.

Kimberly Carr: In spite of that . Knight matches Ellis beat for beat, flipping between plucky aggressor and believably terrified victim. From there it is more brutal, hard-hitting, flesh-smacking clotheslines and one crossbody by Ellis that takes Knight out of his boots. There is nothing graceful about this crossbody. This is not Adam Draven. Ellis King is a bulldozer at 80mph. This, along with some of the best near fall kick outs of all time, blast the match onto another level. Dallas, Texas is rocking. The final stretch had both men throwing out their entire arsenal and their big moves on numerous occasions was perfect for this style of match and the finish was excellent.

Justin Benson: Using up everything, Jacob throws bombs at King with Ellis standing his ground taking one big shot after another ( is this TANK ever going to go down?!?) until finally Knight puts everything he has behind one BIG spear to get the win and retain the WWF Television Championship. It was as if Ellis and Jacob said, “lets see if you guys coming out after us can top this match”. These two gave it their all and reminded us all that the WWF Television Championship might be the title that you’d want to pay closer attention to in 2015. Many were hopeful Ellis would once again win the Television title, but he just couldn’t do it.

Kimberly Carr: In defeat, he just barely came up short while Knight emerged as a man who seemed destined for great things in the company. For back-and-fourth, high drama, big moments, near fall heavy wrestling, there are few matches you will ever see at this level. The best match of a great start to the year from Knight, and another classic Ellis King Television title match.


Kimberly Carr: One of the very matches Jacob and Ellis wanted to outperform was the act following them. A match that has been so heavily promoted, the posters have been burned into our retinas. Aric Hardy and The Darkness finally faced off in a three stages of hell match live on Pay Per View. This would be the first high profile singles contest in Aric Hardy's proessional wrestling career and he wasn't lacking in motivation to lay it all on the line against his legendary and bitter opponent The Darkness. In all, The Darkness and Aric Hardy produced a high impact, dramatic match that is amongst the best of both men’s careers.

Justin Benson: Holy hell, this was great. The Darkness acted like an unbreakable wall that kept challenging Aric to bring it. I liked Aric before, but this is the match that turned me into a die-hard Aric Hardy fan. Both guys were loaded with piss and vinegar here, delivering one of the best matches of the year thus far. Their entrances alone got the crowd white hot for this one to get underway,

Kimberly Carr: Dallas boos Hardy immediately while heaping all of their praises on the cult folk WWF hero The Darkness. As soon as Aric entered the ring, looking more intense than ever, he and The Darkness butt heads, exuding murderous intent. Even the referee looked uncomfortable edging them apart.

Justin Benson: Aric and The Darkness displayed more desire to hurt each other through body language and the like than I have seen all year. They obliged the referee though and at the opening bell, they stood at opposite corners only to charge straight at each other and met in a crash of shoulder blocks! Aric stumbled back slightly, opening him up to receive a number of forearm shots. But he got into the rhythm and was firing off forearms of his own and even started to gain control. Bouncing off the ropes, Aric ran straight into a hard right hand. Then The Darkness bounced off the ropes only to eat an Aric Hardy right hand. Things were at boiling point as they butted heads once again, staring holes into one another in a manner that told the whole story. The Darkness, one of the veteran locker room leaders of the Worldwide Wrestling Force was staring at Hardy with his eyes saying “Who in the hell do you think you are to walk into MY company and play games with ME?” and Hardy’s eyes said back “I am not afraid of you. Give me everything you’ve got.” Argh! God, that was awesome!

Kimberly Carr: And as if to decide who is the stronger man, both men this time bounced off the ropes and charged right into one another for another clash of shoulder blocks. Hardy went down and The Darkness and the crowd roared as one! The Darkness ran off the ropes and leapt up high for the knee drop. Hardy rolled aside! The Darkness rose and nearly had his head swept off his shoulders from a hard clothesline, but ducked in the nick of the time. Intensity was overflowing in the ring and the crowd gave both men a standing ovation!

Justin Benson: Incredible. Aric and The Darkness teased a test of strength, but the moment their fingers brushed Aric kicked his foe right in the gut. And lemme tell you, it was one stiff kick and a number followed and downed the former World Champion! He quickly rolled out the ring but Aric was right on his toes and whipped the dead man so hard he went over the top of the barricade into the crowd! Aric quickly rolled in and out the ring to restart the 10 count and went right back to work. The crowd freaking out while Aric and The Darkness fought among them made this more memorable than most.

Kimberly Carr: Once they brought it back to the ring, it was The Darkness who looked the stronger of the two. More than simply doling out and taking punishment, here he was motivated by an outright refusal to be bested by Hardy who was equally motivated on the heels of what had been a frustrating start to the year for him being the first eliminated in Isolation’s Coliseum. It is no big surprise that The Darkness would wrestle a perfect match, but Aric Hardy is just as good here. This was total brutality: chops, elbows, forearms, lariats, kicks, headbutts and neckbreakers. It’s the pure intensity that both guys bring to them that makes it so entertaining.

Justin Benson: That’s right; the first fall was a 24-minute battle that felt so gritty. Brutal strikes and such were plentiful; but it was the atmosphere that gave you goosebumps. Every kick out was met with a thunderous roar from the Dallas crowd, with each one getting more and more engaging as the bout went on. Between the good story, dramatic near falls, and excellent action, everything between these two men just fell into place.

Kimberly Carr: The Darkness used his size and his experience to overpower Hardy, who just barely came up short. It was a delight to see him try and put Hardy in his place. A chokeslam to hell left Aric vulnerable to The Darkness’ tombstone piledriver and that was all she wrote for the first chapter in this three stages of hell.

Justin Benson: In the second fall, the hardcore match, it was Aric Hardy being the most diabolical person on the planet trying to straight up murder The Darkness. After the physicality of the first fall, it took Aric a while to really get going, but once he did, it was like Aric was on another plantet. THE VIOLENCE! It didn’t matter if he had to beat The Darkness’ head in with a chair like he had at Isolation or bodyslam him onto a guardrail, he was going to cause as much pain as possible. This match was as insane as they come.

Kimberly Carr: When Aric introduced another steel chair into the equation, it seemed like he was looking to hit something special as he set it up in the centre of the ring. He had left The Darkness close by to struggle back to his own feet before darting for the ropes. Whatever Aric didn't come to fruition. Instead he was snapped up into a 180 degree spinebuster and got planted through the steel chair into the canvas! The Darkness hooked both legs for the certain victory, yet, somehow Aric managed to squeak the shoulder up much to The Darkness’ disbelief.

Justin Benson: They continued to demolish each other with the chairs and at one point, it looked like they might have to legitimately stop the match. Armed with a baseball bat, The Darkness walked into a steel chair shot right to his crown. And as if on instinct, The Darkness cracked Aric round the head with the bat, splitting it in two before both men collapsed. Aric was actually twitching. People were coming out from the back and I have to imagine they are saying “we might need to stop this before someone dies” Then Hardy wants to show he can go hard and stumbled back to his feet. It wasn’t long before The Darkness rose with him, but Aric still had the steel chair available to him. He hit The Darkness square in the head with the steel, and in an amazing feat of strength, managed to land Falling Skies for the crucial pinfall, evening the scores at 1-1. Note to future wrestlers, don’t let Aric Hardy put you in a Fireman’s Carry. It won’t end well.

Kimberly Carr: And so it all came down to the third fall – the tables match. At this point Aric Hardy is still looking wrecked but The Darkness looks like a man who just got in a fight with a grizzly bear and was bleeding badly. They were running on empty here, but kept on going as hard as they could. They both seemed to move a lot more sluggishly here, their blows not hitting as hard as they had earlier, but we could all see they were putting every last drop of willpower to the test. The crowd was behind The Darkness every step of the way and catching Aric with a running DDT provided the window of opportunity to set up a table inside the ring. Unfortunately, the pair of Masked Men who appeared earlier in the night and have been sticking their noses on several matches in the past weeks decided to come on down to get a closer view of the action.

Justin Benson: And no one was happy to see that, least of all The Darkness. Making good on their promise, they came down to the ring and made their presence known the only way they know how – wreaking utter havoc. Just as expected.

Kimberly Carr: What we didn’t expect to see was their choice in victim. The masked men were very specific in saying that Aric Hardy would get what he deserved tonight. Which, to everybody’s surprise, in their book meant ganging up on The Darkness. Despite a noble effort to get into the fight, two-on-one odds prove insurmountable at that moment and left the WWF legend in no shape to continue. Without any sense of regret, the masked men put The Darkness through the very table he set up with a double powerbomb.

Justin Benson: Aric looked just as confused as we were about this turn of events. I don’t know whether it was an act or genuine shock, but there are, obviously, no disqualifications in a Tables match. Aric Hardy was the man who picks up the win in the third fall and comes out of the three stages of hell the victor tonight.

Kimberly Carr: The venom of the crowd was totally understandable. We were so close to the climax of this epic battle only to have it snatched away from us.

Justin Benson: Drama, drama, drama. It was captivating for many reasons. Even so, Aric Hardy and The Darkness tore the house down in Dallas tonight and performed at the level where I couldn’t stop watching. This match defined what the WWF is. Aric was on The Darkness’ level and got the big win in front of a great crowd.

Kimberly Carr: Honestly, I was totally shocked Hardy didn’t get eaten up here.

Justin Benson: NEVER underestimate the former MMA World Heavyweight Champion, Aric Hardy.


Kimberly Carr: The Masked Men didn’t stop there with their surprises though. Take a look at what happened right after the match.

A sweaty and fatigued Aric Hardy is still on the canvas as the two huge Masked Men stand over him. While one looks on, the other offers Aric Hardy his hand. Aric looks at him and the hand, as the Masked Man helps him back to his feet. He leans one as the crowd continues to boo, this is when Mr. Rossi once again makes his way out on stage, this time with a dozen security officers.

Giovanni Rossi: What the hell is this?

Mr. Rossi, caught the attention of Aric Hardy and the two Masked Men, as they stare up the ramp towards the stage area at Giovanni Rossi.

Giovanni Rossi: What the hell is going on here? .....You know what, that's not important. What is important is the deal. Reveal now, or these security officers will escort you out of here and you will never step foot in a WWF......[/COLOR]

Suddenly everything goes static and the lights goes out. The crowd cheering, when a red "X" appears on the titantron. As the red "X" fades to black, we hear a scrambled voice saying.....

Scramble Voice: The wait is over! The answer is now!

With that 2-22 appears on the screen, clearly indicating February 22nd. Once again a red X quickly flashes across the scene. Suddenly "Money and the Power" by Kid Ink hits. As the spotlight shines on the stage area, Sebastian Wolf wearing the exact same black SWAT uniform the Masked Men are wearing walks out on stage. The crowd erupts with a mix reaction, not really sure what to think about what they are seeing. He has something in hand, as he stops and looks at Mr. Rossi. He hands Rossi what seems to be a mask and tells him....

Sebastian Wolf: The best is yet to come.

Rossi simply looks on in awe, stunned and shock while a smiling Sebastian Wolf makes his way down the ramp walking by the security, even tagging a couple fans' hands on his way to the ring. At ring side, he makes his way up the steel steps to the apron and enters the square circle. He is greeted with a couple hand shakes from The Masked Men and then a big hug from Aric Hardy. Sebastian pulls out microphone from his side pocket as the lights return to normal and "Money and the Power" fades. Mr. Rossi is on the stage area staring towards the ring

Sebastian Wolf: There is no need for drastic action Giovanni. You can call back your dogs, because if you think I being one of the three masked men is shocking, you ain't see anything yet. Yeah, yeah, I orchestrated all this. I planned my kidnapping, I schemed my sister's abduction, all those videos of the red X and static, that was all me. A sign of things to come. .....Hell I even got these talented young men signed to a contract, a contract you Mr. Rossi would have never given them, if I didn't do what I did. If you only knew who's the men behind the masks. Isn't that right guys?

One of the Masked Man talks into the mic.

Masked Man: That's right![/COLOR]

Just then two Masked Men in black rips the masks from their faces. The crowd erupts as we now see the former Tag Team Champions Kyle Lennox and Omari Johnson standing side by side with Aric Hardy and Sebastian Wolf. "Money and the Power" hits as Mr. Rossi looks on in complete shock. The four guys standing in the ring, raise each other arms in the air. As a furious Rossi, tired of looking on makes his way to the back. The crowd continues with a mixture of cheers and boos, while the guys finally make their exit from the ring all in smiles.

Kimberly Carr: That's right ladies and gentlemen, after almost a year's absence from WWF screens, the KO Coalition have returned!

Justin Benson: They were even in cahoots with Aric all along and as we saw with the return of his manager Sebastian Blake, this was all just a nefarious plot to get all three men back on top no matter what tactics they have to use. I'm loving it.i

Kimberly Carr: There weren't the only ones looking to come out of Aftershock on top. Next, Cassie Powers was slated to defend the Women's Championship on the line against Chelsea Pryce, Black Widow and Kinley Cantrell. Star power and big time players. The coveted WWF Women’s Championship was waiting for one of these women to claim it tonight. And they all brought it. This contest had a true big match feel going in and delivered on all accounts. It signalled — CLEARLY — that there is real talent in the Divas division.

Justin Benson: Are you implying something about our Women’s champion Kim?

Kimberly Carr: Not at all. That isn’t to say not many people are in the Cassie Powers camp for the validity of her title reign, and with the challengers she had before her, it was certainly an uphill battle for her to keep her title. She didn’t even have to be pinned or submit to lose her title, so it’s fair to say Dallas was ready for a title change this night. And each participant brought something worthwhile to the table. This match did a great job in standing out on a card packed with amazing matches.

Justin Benson: That’s right. Non-stop, bell-to-bell, full tilt action that never felt rushed or out of control. After watching this match you felt exhausted – a whirlwind sprint full of near falls and crazy moments that had you wanting the ride to never end. The crowd, the wrestlers, the commentators…. everyone involved saw this as a HUGE deal. The action matches it and then some.

Kimberly Carr: One by one, they came down to the ring with Chelsea Pryce by far getting the biggest pop from the fans. Whether it's because she's made an impression on the fans these past few weeks with her solid performances since joining the company, or their contempt of the other ladies in this bout wanting anyone but them to pick up them to be champion remains to be seen, but when the referee lifted the Women's title to all four sides of the arena, the crowd was definitely excited for this one. Black Widow already seemed to be playing a few mind games with Cassie before the bell, but Cassie seemed more irritated with Widow herself than any tricks she had to play.

Justin Benson: At the opening bell it seemed Black Widow and Kinley Cantrell really had it out for the Women’s champion as they combined forces. Chelsea Pryce had other plans though and seemed to have the aftermath of her match with Black Widow earlier this month fresh in her mind as she went right after the seductress.

Kimberly Carr: That allowed Cassie something of a breather as she escaped to the outside but Kinley stayed in close pursuit., While Chelsea ad Widow were trading blows, Cantrell caught Cassie from behind with a bulldog which got huge cheers from the crowd!

Justin Benson: I don’t know where they get off on treating their women’s champion like that. What if Cassie broke her nose?

Kimberly Carr: Funnily enough that ‘s what Cassie was most concerned with as well, but Kinley didn’t give her too much time to dwell on it. The former Women’s champion hounded Cassie who to her credit managed to hold her own and started to build a counteroffensive with a round of hard elbows. She clocked Kinley by slamming her face-first into the steel post and put the boots to her there and then. Not before posing for her “loving” audience of course.

Justin Benson: Meanwhile inside the ring, Black Widow had to empty her whole clip onto Pryce who literally was a headhunter here to do a job and take a title. Cassie steered well clear of those two for the opening minutes because they were on fire. She kept an eye on the action in the ring as she worked on Kinley, as Widow had just downed Chelsea with an underhook belly to belly suplex. It only got a two count, but she seemed to be in control.

Kimberly Carr: But the transformative moment came when Black Widow attempted to remodel the front row with her skull.

Justin Benson: Right?! Suicide dives are called that for a reason. They’re a massive risk, and that risk proved costly for her and she plunged herself straight into a row of chairs head first in an insane dive. She was looking to catch Cassie off guard while she was beating on Kinley but Cassie was all too aware of her surroundings and sidestepped the effort. So early on in the match, from those depths, Widow had to overcome the odds to defeat her rivals and win a title in the process.

Kimberly Carr: Not if the other contestants had anything to say about it. Sensing a chance Cassie quickly snuck in behind Chelsea for the roll up, even grabbing the tights, but Chelsea still kicked out at two. Turns out Pryce didn’t take too kindly to Cassie trying to cheat her out of a Women’s title.

Justin Benson: Ah, man. You can say that again. Head kicks that rattle a brain, one of the best lariats of the year by someone not named Bolu and a ridiculous amount of near falls really put Cassie’s reign in peril. At one point, she had to be saved by Kinley Cantrell of all people who broke up the pin after an enormous superplex from Chelsea. The referee was checking Widow who has clambering over the barricade by this point, but she was adamant she was still in this one. Striking up that truce with Cantrell once again, they double teamed Chelsea and showed great chemistry. That is until Widow blindsided Cantrell and went for the cover herself.

Kimberly Carr: Widow put her technical prowess on show, actually honing a lot of her offence on Chelsea’s hands and one horrible shriek from Chelsea told us all that Widow knew exactly what she was doing. This was truly a match of duelling injuries, with Chelsea’s hand having been shredded by Widow and Widow’s shoulder having been caved in by Chelsea. Even when Chelsea regained control, there were a few times she couldn’t properly lock in a few submissions, at one point almost defiantly trying to apply a sharpshooter, but her hands weren’t up to task. And in one of the most gritty moments in all my time as a network host she snapped her fingers back into place to take care of that issue.

Justin Benson: Oh, that was terrible to watch! The big thing was Pryce using a German suplex, exposing the fact Black Widow’s right shoulder was what took the brunt of the damage from her suicide dive earlier and Widow thrashed about as if someone was cutting her arm off with a chainsaw. The veteran looked to tame the Black Widow by working on her injured shoulder, forcing Widow to take even more risks to help get back into the match later on. When working on a body part Chelsea’s technical attributes really shine through, and the work she did on Widow’s shoulder was fantastic. Her submissions bring sexy back. Seriously, when she grabs limbs and she applies pressure, she makes her opponents say uncle. She was really nasty tearing at Widow’s arm, she was really deliberate, showing each part of the application of the hold.

Kimberly Carr: Love her or hate her, it was hard not to feel Widow’s pain by the way her face contorted. I was sure she was going to tap, but Cassie may have saved her title reign by dropkicking Chelsea in the back of the head.

Justin Benson:Back and forth, back and forth, it seemed no one was able to squeeze out the decisive victory. Just an unbelievably competitive match from these four women and all the way through to the frenetic & dramatic finishing stretch.

Kimberly Carr: By this point in the match, Widow was ready to break in half. Working with a shoulder that practically seemed to be held together with bubble gum and tape, somehow she was still going strong. She tried to launch Cassie from the top rope with a spider suplex, but that wasn’t happening with her shoulder so she hit a reverse hurricanrana instead. Cassie landed rather awkwardly and was crying out in agony. The referee went to check up on her which led to all out chaos. On the outside, Chelsea Pryce had just hit Kinley Cantrell with Pay the Pryce and rolled Kinley into the ring in search of the win only to be leveled by this gargantuan of a woman who had climbed over the barricade. While Cassie pleaded for the ref’s attention, the invader slid into the ring and decked both Widow and Cantrell before making an exit. Suddenly injury-free, Cassie Powers dived on Kinley for the cover and scored the pinfall. Not the type of ending anybody would have wanted for such an amazing match and the crowd made sure to let Cassie know their feelings, but she smiled as if they were dousing her with adulation. What I'd like to know is just who was that woman who helped Cassie get the win? Because otherwise, I think we may have seen a new Women's champion tonight.


Justin Benson:Speak for yourself. It ended EXACTLY how I wanted. Cassie Powers is still champion, baby! Coming out of this with a much deserved win.

Kimberly Carr: Really, Justin?

Justin Benson:What? I also don’t like your tone concerning Cassie’s injury, she was legitimately hurt!

Kimberly Carr: Eurgh... Well, despite another match seeing outside interference determine its victor, Aftershock 2015 was a special night of wrestling. There were several matches from this pay per view that really stood out. The next one was a killer. The main event of this amazing night, a triple threat match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Justin Benson: Huge match, huge setting, huge drama! You got Desmond Frost who has been labelled “The Future of The WWF” for years now, in his prime and ready to conquer the world, versus Adam Draven as Draven is looking to recapture the WWF Title but two young superstars who are looking to lead this company are standing in his way, versus Lewis Young who has taken the company by storm with his rapid climbing of the ranks. The final three of The Coliseum last month. This was destined to be a great match.

Kimberly Carr: And it lived up to the billing. Spectacle, from start to finish. This match painted the picture of what the perfect Triple Threat Match should look like. It had a variety of dynamic characters. We have the ultimate hero in Adam Draven, the sniveling/sleazy scumbag villain in Desmond Frost and the hungry, unbelievably arrogant young champion in Lewis Young.

Justin Benson: C’mon, now Kimberly. I wouldn’t go as far as describe Desmond as sniveling. There is a genius behind all his actions. The man’s the next big thing!

Kimberly Carr: I’m not saying anything about his ability which is top draw, but his personality leaves a lot to be desired.

Justin Benson: Like Lewis Young?

Kimberly Carr: Don’t get me started on him. But! No one can argue about what they brought to the table. We had magic in the making here tonight. Beautiful stuff happening in the ring which makes me think these guys were made for each other.

Justin Benson: This match saw seven Blizzard attempts, two Corkscrew 450 splashes, two Curb Stomps and 13 German Suplexes – you don’t want to know how many suplexes were landed in total. Good lord, man! Truly, a splurge of big moves and finishers from the men involved. Not to mention the insane Frog Splash by Desmond from the top turnbuckle over the barricade into the crowd onto Lewis. Desmond Frost truly has no fear. Then there were the other amazing moments in the match. Like the sickest looking Flying Leg Drop through the Announcer’s table, and a Shooting Star DDT. And in all the chaos, it was all seamlessly knitted together by these three master craftsmen.

Kimberly Carr: This match certainly did not suffer from the usual tropes of the Triple Threat match. The first half involved all three men heavily. I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it myself, but neither Desmond nor Lewis sought any sort of alliance to put Draven out of the equation in the early goings. None of these men like each other. I’m not even sure if they respect each other. Frost, cool as ever, laughs off Young’s early aggression and posturing (both literal and figurative), and Young is doing his “cocky upstart with something to prove” shtick. It’s appropriate too, because after winning the World Title, a lot of people have been questioning whether Lewis is a worthy holder of the biggest prize in professional wrestling.

Justin Benson: Lewis must have seen this as his opportunity to establish himself as a top dog in the WWF. And honestly, these three are at another level when the spotlight is on. They surpassed any and all expectations with their feature bout.

Kimberly Carr: Not to be outdone by anyone, Adam Draven, the veteran of the contest taught both youngsters a lesson in professional wrestling much to the crowd’s delight. Draven worked overtime to get the advantage early on but it wasn’t long before Lewis had Adam snared in The Blizzard. Desmond’s urgent diving double footstomp put a stop to that though. From there, it was evenly matched between all three men. They battered each other to a terrifying extent, but what was truly frightening was how much was needed to put away any of these men who simply wouldn’t give up on the title. The thing this match should forever be known for, however, is that this is the official break out performance for Desmond Frost and Lewis Young.

Justin Benson: Both men looked like true stars in this match and, proving that they belong with the likes of Adam Draven, Ragnarok, Cory Chevelle, and The Darkness as the elite in the company. They had truly arrived in the WWF. In a move that will be imitated for years to come, Desmond Frost trying to finish off Young had gone into his old bag of tricks by pulling out the Shooting Star DDT which was incredible. He only brings that one out every once in a while when he has run out of options and just when we thought we had a new champion, Adam Draven broke the cover. This match was just beautifully paced and left you wanting more.

Kimberly Carr: The fans couldn’t agree more. This crowd was electric and thought for sure the match was over at numerous points especially during the Blizzard attempt by Young on Frost. A repeat of the closing moments of the Coliseum did not occur though. Desmond somehow battled his way to the ropes. Lewis had done a number on his right ankle all night though, not only to better the chances of a successful Blizzard, but to take out Desmond’s deadly Curb Stomp from his arsenal.

Justin Benson: I watched the final 5 minutes of this one standing and couldn’t believe what I saw. After another skirmish between Young and Frost, Desmond was slowly climbing the top rope, measuring Lewis up as he staggered up to his feet. Then a blur charged in and Adam Draven had dropkicked Desmond to the floor to leave himself and Lewis Young in the ring. Body slamming the champion, Adam ventured to the top rope and perched himself there until Lewis was upright. I thought this was it for Lewis, as did Kimberly.

Kimberly Carr: The crowd was already in a frenzy from the sheer enjoyment of watching the match. And when Young turned a moonsault from Draven into The Blizzard, the joint exploded. Adam wailed in agony, scratching at the canvas to reach the ropes, but Lewis slapped on a grapevine, halting his movements. It was all too much, and Adam Draven tapped out to Young’s dangerous ankle lock.


Justin Benson:Just wow. From beginning to end I was glued to this match, the crowd fell in love with the match and cheering all three men wildly by the end of it all. After a whirlwind of action, Lewis Young cemented his place in the WWF as its champion, capping off an amazing two months with this classic. Frost and Draven definitely made Young bring his A+ game. I loved this match, and it was a great way to end the evening.

Kimberly Carr: So many amazing moments in this match that grabbed my interest and never let go. With the former champion Adam Draven taking the loss, you have to wonder where that leaves Desmond Frost. He came ever so close to becoming WWF champion and pulled out a career making performance. What will he do now? So many questions, but that’s all we have time for! Thank you for joining us on this amazing Pay Per View. For Justin Benson, I am Kimberly Carr, signing off!

The network duo smile and the scene goes black...

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